The Hog Jowl Classic

The Hog Jowl Classic is a tournament held at Coopers Hawk on the first day of the year since 2002 no matter the weather conditions. 20 years has seen several different playing conditions from 12 degrees at tee time to 75 degrees but the tradition never changes. 32 players came out on the first day of 2023 to have a chance to sign the hog trophy. Long time emeritus member Oscar (Doc) Crawford hits the ceremonial first drive. Doc has hit a drive every year of the event. Coopers Hawk truly appreciates Docs long time support. Big Dave Sharp was selected to hit the first Drive of 2023. Dave has also supported Coopers Hawk from the time it opened in 2000.  8 four person teams battled it out this year and in the end Stu Smart, Caleb Qualls, Jim Gautney, Mark Holly came out on top with an 18 hole score of 60 -12 to win the tourney. Coopers Hawk thanks all the participants this year and wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Oscar (Doc) Crawford hitting his ceremonial drive.

Big Dave Sharp hitting the first drive of 2023.

2023 Champions listed Left to right are.

Jim Gautney, Mark Holly, Caleb Qualls, Stu Smart.